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New and Pre-owned Car Sales & Leasing
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133 Cedar Lane, Suite 209, Teaneck, NJ 07666

photoImagine getting advice you can trust so that you choose the best car for your money. If you wish, you do not even have to leave your house or office!

Any make. Any model. We handle all transactions!

This is no fantasy. It is what will happen if instead of facing the car salesman on your own, you have ARCAR MOTORS INC do it for you!

You tell us what car you want, or we will work with you to determine the make, model and options that best fit your needs and budget. We do not represent any dealer or brand, so we have no incentive to sell or lease any particular car. We will quote you a price for the car of your choice that will be lower than any dealership quotes.

So, if you are looking for a car, make sure you talk to us. Call us first, second or last, but just make sure you speak to us before you commit yourself to anything.







Our family has obtained fifteen cars (Hondas, Acuras, Volvos, Jeeps, Toyotas) over the years from Arcar, mainly leases but in some cases purchases. We deal exclusively with Arcar because of the ease of the hassle-free manner with which Aryeh and his associates smoothly move us from our older cars into the newer models we get from them. A major plus in dealing with Arcar is the constant keeping on top of the auto market that they bring to getting new cars - they know which models at which dealers are best leases at any given moment. So whether you are determined to get a particular model, as we have sometimes been, or merely seeking the best bang for the buck at any given time, Arcar is the way to go. Aryeh and associates personally deliver your new car to your driveway and take away old car. We don't believe you will ever get a better deal anywhere else.

Henry F.